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🔳The paperback (color) edition of the Nishino Breathing Method Training Manual with Videos of All Exercises has been published! Enhance your practice with this comprehensive guide.

Click here.

🔳The paperback (monochrome) edition of the Nishino Breathing Method Training Manual with Videos of All Exercises has also been published! Experience the same great content in a budget-friendly format.

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🔳Dr. Timur Ucmak, a Certified Senior Instructor of the Nishino Breathing MethodⓇ, conducted the first English-language basic training session at the Nishino Method Headquarters, and it was met with great acclaim!

🔳Mr. Juanjo Montesinos, International Technology Transfer Agent who resides in Alicante, Spain, is now recognized as a Certified Instrucotr authorized to teach Nishino Breathing MethodⓇ.  He has started preparing for his private and group lessons.

Nishino Spain-Alicante

Nishino Alicante-Spain Official Website

Experience the unique Japanese  breathing technique different from Yoga, Tai chi, Pilates, meditation, Aikido, Karate, etc!

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🔳Announcement of Dr. Timur Ucmak's Achievements and Expansion of the Nishino Breathing MethodⓇ in Switzerland 

It is with immense pleasure that we announce Dr. Timur Ucmak, a Certified Senior Instructor of the Nishino Breathing MethodⓇ, has launched his new official website for Nishino Swiss-Zurich.  He is dedicated to broadening the reach of this unique Japanese breathing technique, developed by our founder Kōzō Nishino, in both Switzerland and Germany. 

Nishino Swiss-Zurich

Nishino Swiss-Zurich Official Website

🔳 Ms. Renkei Hashimoto, a renowed Zen Shakuhachi player who resides in Munich, Germany,  is now recognized as a Certified Senior Instructor authorized to teach Nishino Breathing MethodⓇ.  Her two schools have start in Munich and Nuremberg in Germany in February,  2024.

Nishino Germany-Munich

Nishino Germany-Munich Official Website

Nishino Germany-Nuremberg

Nishino Germany-Nuremberg Official Website


Nishino Germany-Munich

Nishino Germany-Munich Official Website

How to Practice

🔳 Sokushin Breathing

"Sokushin Breathing" is a unique breathing technique in the Nishino Breathing Method, in which one inhales through the nose with the image of taking in energy from the soles of the feet (sokushin) and exhales through the mouth with the image of releasing energy from the soles of the feet, while consciously circulating the breath throughout the whole body.

A Transformative Journey

Timur Ucmak, M.D., Ph.D.

Certified Senior Instructor

Director, Nishino Swiss-Zurich

Resides in Zurich, Switzerland

Twenty-three years ago, I embarked on a life-changing journey with the Nishino Breathing Method®, guided by my Japanese father-in-law, a devoted practitioner and Tai Chi Chuan master. Early on, I experienced the profound effects of Sokushin Breathing and Karin exercises, which brought me unparalleled relaxation and vitality within just 20 minutes. Motivated by this initial exposure, I later regularly traveled to Tokyo to deepen my understanding of NBM®. As a medical student, my experiences at the Nishino School challenged and expanded my scientific perspectives, showcasing the method's immediate and transformative impact on both mind and body. I am immensely grateful to Master Kōzō Nishino, whose teachings have positively affected countless lives, including my own. As both a practitioner and a medical doctor, I am convinced of the method's significant benefits to mental and physical health, and the joy it brings is beyond words. After participating in the Headquarters' training in February 2023, I noticed a pivotal shift in the teaching approach. The instruction remained true to Nishino Sensei's foundational principles but was delivered with unprecedented detail and accessibility, making the practice more effective and enjoyable. The introduction of new exercises, particularly in non-verbal communication (Taiki), greatly enhanced the learning experience. The training environment at the Headquarters is uniquely focused on the learners, promoting an open and generous exchange of knowledge. This approach, spearheaded by Master Kitamura, Master Nishino's closest disciple, reflects a commitment to transparency and student-centered learning. Master Kitamura's professionalism, dedication, and warmth make the practice at the Headquarters not only effective but also deeply human and inspiring. In summary, the Nishino Breathing Method® Headquarters offers a welcoming and enriching environment for anyone seeking to explore the internal arts. The teaching philosophy of "no secrets" ensures high-quality instruction and a community where centering the mind and accessing the "physical now" becomes a straightforward and immediate experience.

A Joyful Path

Jonathan Stockdale, Ph.D.

Certified Senior Instructor Candidate

Professor of Religion, Spirituality, and Society 

University of Puget Sound 

Resides in Tacoma, Washington, U.S.A.

When I was a young teenager, I became deeply interested in two things:  martial arts and Asian philosophy.  I loved the cultivation of the body that the martial arts provided, and I loved even the simple word “dojo” (道場) – a place for the practice of “the Way.”  Whatever “the Way” was, I loved the idea that there were physical spaces where you could practice it using your body.

As a teenager, I was also deeply curious about stories I read about ancient martial arts masters who demonstrated remarkable feats and possessed a kind of invisible power called qi, or ki.  Whenever there was a martial arts demonstration in my hometown of Seattle I would try to attend, and if there was a chance to ask questions afterward, I would always ask “what about qi or ki?”  But no-one seemed to have an answer, or if they did, they weren’t interested in sharing it with me.  So, I started on my path in the martial arts, first studying Chinese kung-fu and then, while studying abroad in Japan during college, switching over to aikido.  I wasn’t sure I would ever find answers to my questions about invisible power—or if the answers even existed—but at least I could keep training my body and practicing “the Way.”

Over time, I realized that most people in the martial arts world have little or no idea about what ki is, and even if they do have an idea, very few have a palpable experience of ki. Finally, however, in my twenties, I found what I had been searching for:  I began training with an aikido teacher in the U.S who had a deep understanding of breath power, and who remains my teacher to this day.  I owe a deep debt of gratitude to him for introducing me to the reality and the power of Ki energy.  And I learned something unexpected at his dojo that has remained true throughout all my experiences at the Nishino Breathing Method Headquarters:  wherever there is Ki energy flowing strongly, there is also great laughter and deep joy.

Aikido involves practicing with a partner, so it’s not something you can easily do by yourself.  So, when I was back in Japan during graduate school, a friend who knew I was interested in Ki energy gave me a book by someone named Kōzō Nishino, which included instructions on how to cultivate Ki energy through breathing exercises that you can practice on your own.  I read the book and began practicing the exercises for a few months, until it dawned on me that I could just visit the Tokyo headquarters of the Nishino Breathing Method and see first-hand what the book was talking about.  So, in 2000, I paid my membership fee and walked into the Tokyo Nishino headquarters dojo for the first time.

Needless to say, I was blown away, mentally and physically, and I was overjoyed.  Watching Master Nishino do taiki with students was kind of like watching a drama unfold, or like watching a great choreographer at work.  His students would receive a profound exchange of Ki energy, and through the alchemy of that interaction, you could see some of the students’ own unique talents shining forth:  it was clear that some were dancers, or gymnasts, or singers, or martial artists, each receiving Ki energy in their own unique way.  It seemed that the experience of taiki with Master Nishino touched people at the very core of their being.  It was incredible to see and to experience, as well as mysterious, and unforgettable.

At the same time, I’ve always felt that in every century there are a few miraculous people who walk the earth, which is exactly what I had read about in books as a teenager.  So, while it felt amazing to be in Master Nishino’s presence, the fact of his existence itself didn’t surprise me.  The real question remained:  can those incredible people who walk the earth transmit their abilities to others?  What truly surprised me were all the Shidōin (指導員)—the instructors who led the classes under Master Nishino.  They were ordinary-seeming people, men and women, some older, some younger, all of whom possessed extraordinary breath power, who could send me flying across the room while barely moving a muscle.  This is what ultimately amazed me and continues to amaze me about the Nishino Breathing Method:  not just that one incredibly talented human could develop the method, but that he could transmit it to so many “ordinary” instructors, who are each filled with their own unique reservoir of powerful Ki energy.

I owe a deep debt of gratitude to the instructors and students of the Nishino Breathing Method in Japan, who keep the teachings alive and who work tirelessly to make the teachings available to everyone.  As I continue to train with my dear teachers whenever I am able at the Nishino Breathing Method, Tokyo Headquarters, I hope that I will continue to learn one millionth of what Master Nishino knew, and one thousandth of what the instructors understand.  No matter how little or how much I develop, however, it’s a joyful path to be on.

Breathing Becomes a Training of the “One Note”

Renkei Hashimoto

Certified Senior Instructor

Director, Nishino Germany-Munich and Nuremberg, 

Zen Shakuhachi Player

Resides in Munich, Germany

After receiving a scholarship and planning to study abroad in Germany for one year, I ended up staying there for over 40 years.  Zen Shakuhachi is not well known in Japan, but for some reason, I have been teaching Zen Shakuhachi in Germany for years and pursued the sound of Shakuhachi that resonates with the human heart, transcending identity.

The essence of Komusō Shakuhachi is simply in breathing, and it has been traditionally practiced beyond time as a ritual instrument for training the lower abdomen Tanden as a breathing method, rather than just a musical instrument. 

Breathing becomes a training of the “one note,” where the breath and the sound of bamboo are intertwined and one cannot exist without the other, abandoning one's own thoughts and considerations.  While it may be difficult to understand intellectually, the more you practice, the more you are shown an endless path and often feel the limits of your own ability.  However, at the same time, there is always a desire to pursue it as long as you live.

The encounter with the Nishino Breathing Method has shed further light on my heart in such circumstances.  The Nishino Breathing Method and the breathing method of Zen Shakuhachi have a common foundation, and there is a lot to learn, such as what it means for the body to relax and how the vibrant energy practiced through the sound of bamboo is released.

Furthermore, as I continue my practice, I also notice the positive impact it has on my daily life.  I feel lighter both in mind and body, and I hope to deepen my understanding and practice of the breathing techniques in the future. 

I also have a strong desire to introduce the Nishino Breathing Method to fellow practitioners of the challenging and demanding practice of Komusō Shakuhachi in Europe.  I am convinced that the Nishino Breathing Method contributes to a healthier body and increased physical endurance.

Under the guidance of the Head Coaches at the Headquarters, I will continue to deepen my practice and hope to spread the benefits to people in Germany.

Deep Breathing That Connects You with Your Intuition

Juanjo Montesinos

Certified Instructor

Director, Nishino Spain-Alicante

International Technology Transfer Agent 

Resides in Alicante, Spain

I was born in 1978 in Alicante (Spain), in a small and humble family.  From a very young age, I was interested in different sports and Japanese martial arts, although always at a beginner level and learning the techniques, without going deep into the "essence".

Thanks to my scientific curiosity, I found some very interesting scientific papers that related vital energy (Ki) to different biochemical processes of cell survival.  This new scientific knowledge corroborated something I had always intuited and which is not mentioned at all in Western medical textbooks:  that there is an "invisible" force (Ki energy), which is intelligent, which is inside and outside of us, which sustains, orients and guides the development of life, and which can be cultivated to maximise health and vitality.

In 2018, taking advantage of a leisure trip with friends to Japan, I decided to visit for a few days the training centre where the author of these scientific articles (Kōzō Nishino) taught an innovative Breathing Method to cultivate Ki energy (“Nishino Breathing Method”).  So, on my return to Spain, I read Kōzō Nishino's book ("The Breath of Life") and I could understand the concepts and fundamentals of the method.

I was so enthusiastic that, the following year, in 2019, I decided to come back to train intensively for a couple of weeks.  During this period, my energy level developed significantly, and after completing the basic and intermediate training, I had the opportunity to continue with regular classes.  One fine day, Nishino Sensei appeared unexpectedly.  The students greeted him with applause, smiles and much joy.  Nishino Sensei started to exchange his Ki energy in the Taiki practice, and it was amazing the physical reactions of the students when they received this "powerful jet of invisible Ki energy" from a distance: some were flying backwards for many metres, some were singing, some were dancing, some were rolling on the floor, etc.

When it was my turn, I felt a mixture of nervousness and excitement for what I could feel, as well as an enormous gratitude for having the privilege of feeling his Ki energy.  After greeting him to show my respect, I began to feel a very powerful vibration rising from the sole of my right foot all the way up my leg to my Tanden.  Once there, the vibration spread instantly and powerfully through each and every one of my cells.  My body, without me having any control over it, ran off in random directions, crashing into the padded walls (painlessly), screaming and with a wonderful sense of joy and fun.  My heart rate had accelerated with great power during this whole process.  Finally, my body calmed down, and as my breathing quieted, Nishino Sensei looked at me very kindly and said in English:  "Excellent", while making a gesture with his right hand joining his thumb and forefinger in a circle.  It was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my whole life!!

After the Taiki session, I felt a wonderful sense of wholeness and balance like I had never felt before.  I was happy and relaxed, and a smile emerged from within me and spread across my lips, like when you feel you have everything and you don't need anything!

Since then, and with the practice of the Nishino Breathing Method, I can affirm that my life has changed: now, my work, family and social relationships are more harmonious and balanced.  There is more kindness, laughter, complicity and collaboration.  That is why, in March 2024, I decided to train me as a Certified Instructor of Nishino Breathing Method® at the Headquarters in Shibuya (Tokyo), to bring this innovative method to Spain and to the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries, and to maintain the purity of Sensei Nishino's legacy for the new generations.

During my three weeks of intensive training, I have felt deeply welcomed by all the Head Coaches (Yoshihiro KITAMURA, Takeko KITAMURA, Masako ISHII, Kohei NEMOTO, Hiroaki ASAHI and Michiko YOKOGAWA), to whom I THANK THEM for all the affection and respect with which they have treated me.  I am infinitely grateful to them!!

When I arrived on my first day, I was greeted with great joy.  They showed me the new facilities: locker rooms, restrooms, the training room (which is very spacious, bright, well ventilated, clean, with a soft floor and padded walls), and a separate room where I was offered my first private training in English to understand the fundamentals of the method.

From that moment on, I was integrated into regular classes in Japanese, and in each class, there was always a Head Coach very close to me who observed my style and suggested improvements in the precision of the movements.  Therefore, I was able to integrate the various inputs from all the Head Coaches into my learning, which enriched my training experience hugely, and I was able to progress in a very fast and efficient way.

During the training period, I had a physical problem with my shoulder, and they quickly adapted the training to my new physical condition and provided me with all the resources I needed to recover quickly.  They have been very careful and respectful with me, and they have been very kind and honest, both professionally and personally.

I have also been helped by other Assistant Instructors, Junior Assistant Instructors, and even other students.  It is a big family that has made me feel very comfortable, relaxed and integrated... as one of them.

It has been a wonderful and joyful experience that I highly recommend training at to anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of Nishino Breathing Method®, and who would like to offer its benefits to others so that they can build a strong life and a successful future.

Thank you very much to all the people who have shared with me their beautiful Ki energy that keeps us interconnected!!


Where infinite Ki energy abounds...

Yoshihiro Kitamura, M.D.

Director & Chief Head Coach

The Nishino Method Headquarters

The Nishino Breathing Method (“Nishino” for short), a pioneering technique, was independently developed by founder Kōzō Nishino (1926-2021), drawing from his personal experience and inspirations from Western medicine and ballet, as well as Eastern martial arts. ..

Since the establishment of Nishino Juku, the main training center for the Nishino Breathing Method in 1985, over a million individuals, including those from overseas, have visited for training.  They range from beginners to long-time practitioners with over 30 years of experience, including some near the age of 100 who still continue to practice enthusiastically.

Nishino distinguishes itself from other breathing techniques with its inherent simplicity.  Compared to traditional or ascetic practices, which normally require long years of severe or tough training, Nishino offers a conduit to immediately begin to experience and cultivate Ki energy, or life force.  Furthermore, the more one engages with the practice, the deeper the understanding and appreciation become, leading to enhanced comfort and depth of experience.  The essence of Nishino lies in “building a powerful life and future with your own power through the right practice.”  Post-training, there is an unparalleled sense of fulfillment and richness in life, rendering Nishino a unique and valuable practice.

The Nishino Method Headquarters, the official inheritor of the Nishino Breathing Method, was established in Shibuya, the birthplace of the technique, in August 2022.  The Headquarters aims to further spread the Nishino Breathing Method throughout Japan and the world. 

We provide the best circumstances to learn Nishino in the fastest and most effective way.  We all hope that you will have an opportunity to learn this amazing technique!